The Beader’s Fall Colors Report

It’s that time of year here in the Midwest for our annual fall color reports. These colorful bits of information give us the latest news on where the best fall foliage colors are and when you can expect to see them. If you aren’t lucky enough to live around our fall show, the Pantone Fall Color Reports ought to help fill the void.

I have my favorite colorways but I’m always looking for new ways to mix them up; the reports are great for inspiration. Swarovski is keen to keep up with the trends and there is no shortage of visuals. Besides, what beader doesn’t appreciate an opportunity to invest in the latest crystal and pearl colors.


I had fun skipping all over the internet looking at how different sites interpret the color choices for this fall. A couple of visuals reminded me of my Barbie Fashion Plates from back in the day. (I really want one of these for Christmas…again!)

It’s sad to see another summer pass but you can’t beat fall for the colors in any way, shape or form.