What’s in Your Box?

If you’ve beaded with me or have read a few of my previous posts, you probably know I like organizing my bead stuff almost as much as beading. What motivates me to be organized? Simply put, I don’t like looking for stuff. Out of necessity, the beader’s toolkit was born. It all started innocently enough with just a small metal box that held a bunch of crooked needles and a scissors, but my skills have evolved and so has my beader’s toolkit.

My own beader's toolkit.
My own beader’s toolkit.

I found this case (originally a cosmetics case), while perusing a resale shop. It is by far, my favorite. I could simply throw everything in there but the plastic boxes help sort out the little stuff for easy access. I’ve got an “office” box, a beader’s essentials box for tools, and a box to for beader’s first-aid supplies. The case is big enough to also hold a few spools of thread, a thread burner and a pair of glasses or two. Space permitting, I’ll even toss in my small Bead On It! board.

Organizing the little stuff in the beader's tool kit.
Organizing the little stuff in the beader’s tool kit.

Once my organizing is done, it’s time to make stuff! I’ve been on a roll. I sold a piece in my Etsy Shop (JFritchen Jewelry – Etsy Shop) and I finally figured out what to do with a few projects waiting patiently in the UFO pile (that’s unfinished objects for you non-crafty types). This bracelet is my current favorite and it’s probably headed for my Etsy Shop real soon.


My latest favorite.
My latest favorite.