Handbags, Lipstick and a $100 Bill

“All one needs to carry in the evening is a lipstick, handkerchief, and a $100 bill.”

Judith Leiber, Handbag Designer

I started the art of bead embroidery in 2009 with the help of a bead friend. Materials and resources were few and far between. Pinterest and YouTube weren’t a thing yet. There were a couple of great artists at the time sharing their expertise through books.

Sherry Serafini is one of my favorite bead embroidery artists. I love her color choices and I’ve had the privilege of taking four classes with her. She is generous in the information she shares and her kits are wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to follow the style advice of a woman who has made pieces for rock stars like Steven Tyler and Lenny Kravitz.

I have always admired Sherry’s Bead Dreams winning entry, Genie’s New Hangout. It’s an amazing little handbag that she created in 2003. The colors, shape and overall construction, have kept this project in my sights. As luck would have it, Sherry has allowed Ann Benson from Beads East to recreate the bag. I wasted no time in getting my order in for the Genie’s New Hangout Partial Kit.

Genie’s New Hangout Starter Kit

After about 15 years of beading, I have amassed a collection of beads that will sustain my hobby for years to come. I was able to use some of my precious treasures to put together my own Genie bag. Now the process begins. The colors and layout are printed onto the backing material and with the help of a very detailed key, I should be able to lay this out close to the original design. I did have to make a few substitutions but it shouldn’t alter the overall design too much.

No telling how long this will take, but I do have plans for a second one. With the annual Bead & Button Show coming up in a few weeks, I can shop like a rabid beader for new pieces to add to my collection. Afterall, you can never have too many pairs of shoes, handbags, or beads. I also need a place to carry my $100 bill…or maybe just a few singles, a bunch of Kleenex and a Chapstick.

It begins…about six hours of work.