Purse Project…Another Reason to Buy More Beads

The purse project continues. I finished the front/back and side panels of the Genie’s Hideout Handbag. I’m kind of sad they’re done because I seriously enjoyed stitching away and seeing how far I can get in a day. Now I’m moving on to the last piece at the top called the lid or what is to be the handle and snap closure.


The lid parts are presenting a few beading challenges. I’m not very good at following written instructions; I am truly a visual learner and need lots of pictures. There are some tricky bead moves around a 12 mm glass pearl…decreases! Ugh! Plain and simple, I stink at decreases of this magnitude. The first attempt went wrong, the second looks good. The instructions call for Toho brand beads but they worked up big and clunky. I switched to the Miyuki brand beads, added a couple of extra rows and got a nice finished product. Lesson learned…while instructions are great, let experience be your guide and make changes if you don’t get the result you’re looking for. In this case, the switch isn’t going to have an impact on any other part of the project.

Beaded bead
I still need to work on the other supporting parts of the lid. Looks like a trip to the fabric store is in order to get some piping to add a little dimension to the top. It’s never safe to walk into a store with endless opportunities to start another project. I’m going in with blinders on. If I’m not out in 15 minutes, someone better come get me.

I mentioned when I started this project, I want to make another purse. My trip to the Bead & Button Show this year was a shopping success. I was able to put together a nice collection of focal pieces and seed beads.


It’s pretty clear by the picture, I probably won’t be making just another purse. My favorite find? The large vintage crystal cabochons from a favorite vendor, Sandy Schor from Fort Worth, Texas. I spent quite awhile sorting through boxes of nicely organized pouches of cabochons once produced for costume jewelry. It’s fun to imagine what original pieces of jewelry held these lovely crystals. Cocktail party anyone, a night at the opera or just a classy trip to the grocery store?






2 thoughts on “Purse Project…Another Reason to Buy More Beads

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Been following your blog and feel like it’s mine! (hint hint). Just kidding. 🙂


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