Genie’s New Hangout is Complete!

It’s done!  The epic Genie’s New Hangout handbag is complete. If anyone is wondering, I stopped counting the hours of beading after I hit 100. There is also more than 400 yards of thread or Fireline in this project and I can’t imagine the number of beads. For my non-beading friends that have been following this project, the beads are all sewn on two or three at a time. Occasionally, I use a little glue or double-sided tape to hold something in position while I bead around it.

Completed project. Genie’s New Hangout handbag original design by Sherry Serafini.

In case any of my beading friends want to give this project a try, the partial and complete Genie’s New Hangout kits are available at in Ann Benson’s shop.

I don’t do too many kit projects anymore but it’s hard to resist when something this detailed comes along and I get the opportunity to learn something new. I learned plenty with this one and thankfully, I’m comfortable enough with my skills to have made little changes along the way.

The part that presented the most challenges was the lid; working with the materials I had on hand required some adjustments. I confirmed that I really dislike thread, ok…I really hate it! Fireline might be overkill in a project this size but I find it easier to work with. The “knot gremlins” had a great time when I had to use thread; it got all twisty and shredded even after it was waxed. Try 4 lb. Smoke Fireline and get yourself about 400-500 yards of the stuff.

Since I relied on my collection of beads, I ended up using a color-lined size 15 seed beads on the raised part of the lid. Yuck! They are going to the back of the drawer. I moved on to a size 12 Tulip needle and still broke a fair amount of the little glass beads because the holes weren’t consistent. I ended up starting the raised part of the lid over with different beads. I was happier and there was peace in the world again.

Now life moves on. I have a pile of other projects to finish but I’m still working out plans for another bag. I’ll do something small first that doesn’t take two months of my time.