Fun Stuff in Big Snow Country

It’s winter and while everyone else is heading for warmer climes, I go north…further north than I already am. Hurley, Wisconsin and Ironwood, Michigan are the perfect playgrounds for winter sports, eating and shopping.

I’ve been skiing off and on for the better part of 30 years…ok…more off than on. The husband and I decided we’ve give it another go for our annual anniversary trip to the U.P. of Michigan. We visit this area often, usually in better weather but winter is the busiest time of year up there and if you hit it just right you’ll get the best skiing conditions. Besides skiing, there’s the food and a bit of shopping to be had.

Our favorite day of skiing was at Indianhead Mountain. There was fresh snow, temperatures in the mid 20’s and a little sun. I skied until my fingers got really cold then went in for a little lunch and a chat with my dad, who came out to visit us at the hill.

One can only ski so much before one’s legs feel like jelly. Time for coffee shops and a little treasure hunting. Sharon’s Coffee Company is our favorite breakfast and coffee place in Hurley, WI. You’ve got to see the breakfast menu for yourself. Most of the options are named with references to the mining industry which supported this community back in the day.

Hurley and Ironwood share a border and it’s easy to move from one community to another. Over in Ironwood is where some antiquing opportunities are. My favorite is Dan’s Antiques on East Aurora Street. The shop is pretty well organized for a place with so much cool stuff in it. A few of my favorite storage pieces have come from there as have many of my random maps, photos and vintage greeting cards.


Pour over coffee at Contrast Coffee

Across the street is a new coffee shop. Yes, it is acceptable to visit two coffee shops in one day, after all its cold outside. I drop off my newly acquired treasures in the family truckster and head over to Contrast Coffee. Their main shop is in Iron River, MI. This new location in Ironwood opened only a few months ago.

Since it was my first time visiting, I asked for their recommendation on what was good. They were very knowledgeable and recommended a pour over coffee. I’ve never had one so they showed me how it’s done. I have to say for someone that loves flavors and lots of dairy in their coffee, I could drink this stuff without all the add-ins.


Coffee round two complete, on to more shopping. 906Boom is just down the street from the coffee shop. It’s a maker’s space for local artists and micro business owners. My stepmom has her own little shop and a creative space. I have to say, I sure love this space. They don’t have a website but they are on Facebook, 906Boom.


While the weather didn’t cooperate for a whole lot of skiing, the food was amazing and there was still much fun to be had. You can’t beat the scenery no matter what season you visit. Check out the links for more area information.

Hurley, Wisconsin

Ironwood, Michigan


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