Quick Bead Embroidered Earring Project

I enjoy designing  big bead embroidery projects, but it can take time for the ideas and colors to come together. While I wait for the next great color revelation, I like to tackle little projects like these super quick bead embroidered earrings. The great thing about these mini masterpieces is they usually lead to bigger ones and are a fun way to experiment with a new technique or color combo.

Quick and simple cabochon earrings

If you’re new to the bead embroidery world or just need a refresher, hop on over to my Quick Tips page for detailed instructions on the techniques that you will find in this project. For some added fun, make your own ear wires.

Earring project supplies

• 2” square (or enough to accommodate each cabochon) of non-woven material – Lacy’s Stiff Stuff or Beadsmith Beading Foundation
• 2” square (or enough to accommodate each cabochon) of ultra suede
• Thread – I use 4 or 6 lb. Fireline (Smoke). Use what you like best.
• Glue – E6000
• 2-cabochons
• 2 mm firepolish crystals
• Size 11 seed beads
• Size 15 seed beads
• Ear wires

Glue each cabochon to a small piece of non-woven material. Leave enough material around the cabochon to sew on the crystals and give yourself something to hang on to. The excess material will be trimmed away later. Using the backstitch technique (Quick Tips), add the crystals around the cabochon. If you want a bigger shape, add a second row of crystals or a row of seed beads.
Glue the cabochon and add 2mm crystals

Time to cut away the extra material leaving only 1/16” to add the edge beads. It helps to color the remaining bit of fabric with a Sharpie in a coordinating color.

Trim away the excess non-woven material

Glue the ultra suede to the back of the cabochon. Trim the ultra suede to match the embroidered piece; don’t cut it too close. The embroidered piece should be completely covered by the ultra suede on the back.

Attached the embroidered piece to the ultra suede

Using size 11 seed beads and the edge stitch (Quick Tips), finish the edge of the embroidered piece. Decide which end is up and exit out an edge bead and pick up enough size 15 seed beads to make a loop (about 10) for the ear wire. I recommend passing the thread through the loop a few times to prevent the ear wire from cutting through the thread. Add your favorite ear wire and you have an incredible pair of earrings!

Add the edge beads and ear wire

Now that you’ve got the basics, try out a different shape or add a long crystal or pearl off the bottom. Try swapping out the 2 mm crystals for a row of rhinestone cup chain. So many options, you’ll fill your jewelry box up in no time!


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